Measures COVID-19 virus

The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has led to a variety of measures taken internationally, such as the closing of companies, borders, or the airspace. These measures could have consequences for the transportation of fissiles, ores and radioactive materials. The Authority for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection (ANVS) would like to point out the following.

To determine if a transport can safely occur, is and remains the responsibility of the license holder of the transport licence. Regarding each transport, the licence holder must verify if the destination and the route are accessible despite the measures taken by the country of destination or transit countries. If transportation problems do occur, the licence holder must contact the ANVS as soon as possible. This also applies for the transportation of radioactive materials for which notifications are necessary. The notifier is and remains responsible.

The ANVS will monitor the situation and, when necessary, will give instructions to licence holders and notifiers, which they are obliged to follow on the grounds of the Nuclear Energy Act. When necessary, the ANVS may direct to cancel the transport.

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Thousands of packages containing radioactive materials and sources are transported each year by several modes of transport in the Netherlands. A substantial part concerns the delivery of radiopharmaceuticals to hospitals. In addition, dozens of companies that are specialised in non-destructive testing transport radioactive sources by road on a daily basis to various industrial locations or by sea to drilling platforms on the continental shelf for quality control of welds.