Annual transport notification


If it is not possible to do a pré-notification three weeks in advance, because of the specific nature of the of the radioactive material of your business operations, a so-called annual transport notification can be submitted. If accepted by the ANVS you will be exempted from the obligation to notify each single transport. Instead, you are required to maintain a record of all consignments that are actually carried out for the coming year.

  • Complete the form as much as possible, use estimates based on the expected consignments of the radioactive material where needed.
  • Provide an explanation justifying the need of a annual transport notification. A annual transport notification is only accepted, if the ANVS is convinced of the need. If this is not the case, each shipment must be pre-notified observing the regular three weeks waiting period.
  • A annual transport notification is limited to a maximum period of 12 months. At the end of this period a new annual transport notification is required.
  • A record shall be maintained of the consignments that are carried out during this period. The record shall contain at least: date of transport, consignor, consignee, specification of the radioactive material. The record shall be made available for inspection upon request.

How do I submit an annual transport notification?

  • Consult the ANVS digital service
  • Scroll down the page
  • Change language to English
  • Sign in to your account
  • Choose 'Notification licensing' and follow the instructions

You will get an acknowledgement of receipt by e-mail from the ANVS with a registration number. You will need this registration number in further communication with the ANVS concerning your pre-notification. Your notification will be assessed after receipt. When necessary the ANVS will contact you about your notification.

Transports can be carried out immediately after the notification has been succesfully submitted to the ANVS.