Belgium Shipper

The transport of fissile materials and radioactive waste over the Westerschelde with destination Antwerp harbour will require a notification instead of a licence. This is related to a reconsideration of the definition of an inland waterway. Up to now, the Westerschelde was not considered to be an inland waterway, also because a specific exception had been made at the time that the Benelux treaty was in force. Now, the Benelux treaty has been subsumed in the EU, however without the exception for the Westerschelde.

It now has transpired that it is no longer legally tenable to continue the current practice, that has silently been accepted, without an adjustment in the legislation. The change that has now been implemented in the Transport Decree aims to enable these shipments, for which the Belgian regulatory body issues licences, without too many administrative burdens.

For this purpose the term Belgium Shipper or Belgiëvaarder is introduced in the Terms and Definitions of the revised Transport Decree. Such a transport must, however, be notified to the Authority for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection at least 3 weeks in advance.

The transfer of spent fuel and radioactive waste between EU member states over the Westerschelde falls outside the scope of the exemption. Transboundary movement of these materials continue to require a license based on the Decree regulating the import, export and transfer of radioactive waste and spent fuel.

How do I submit the notification Belgian Shipper?

  • Consult the ANVS digital service
  • Sign in to your account
  • Choose 'Notification licensing'
  • Choose 'Notification transport other' and follow the instructions

You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt by e-mail from the ANVS. Your notification will be assessed after receipt. When necessary the ANVS will contact you.