Euratom 1493/93 (shipments of sealed sources between member states)

The following documents for the import or export of sealed sources to or from an EU member state are required:

  • a valid licence or transport notification;
  • a valid Euratom standard document 1493/93.

This Euratom document should be signed by the regulatory body of the importing country as an authentication for the import. This is the Authority for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection in the Netherlands. The consignor of the sealed sources should have the signed Euratom document before he is allowed to export or import the sources. The authenticated Euratom document is proof that the recipient is entitled to receive the radioactive source(s). For the application of the authentication the standard document 1493/93 (Shipment of sealed sources between the member states of the European Community) can be downloaded from this website. The form is available in English, Dutch, German and French.

How do I submit an Euratom standard document?

  • Consult the notification page; ;
  • Choose 'Transport: Euratom 1493/93' (language);
  • Click on 'NEXT' (‘Verder’);
  • Fill in your e-mail address and possibly give a brief explanation;
  • You will receive an e-mail from the ANVS with instructions and the Euratom document;
  • Complete, sign and scan the Euratom document;
  • Send the Euratom document in reply to the ANVS e-mail you have received.

Within 1 or 2 (working)days you will get an acknowledgement of receipt by e-mail from the ANVS with a registration number. You will need this registration number in further communication with the ANVS concerning your Euratom document. When necessary the ANVS will contact you. The Euratom document shall be certified and sent to you by e-mail and by postal mail.

Euratom Quarterly report


Holders of sealed sources and other relevant sources who have carried out a shipment of such sources, or arrange for such shipment to be carried out, must provide the competent authorities in the Member State of destination information in respect of deliveries during each calendar quarter, in conformity with the provision of article 6 of the Regulation.

How do I submit an Euratom quarterly report?

  • Consult the notification page;
  • Choose 'Transport: Euratom 1493/93 Report';
  • A contact form will open;
  • Fill in your e-mail address and mention under 'Toelichting' that the notification is about the quarterly report of transports;
  • Attach the report and send the information.