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  1. Radioactivity Contaminated Scrap Detection Decree

    Publication | 20-11-2013

  2. Nuclear Accidents Liability Act

    Publication | 20-11-2013

  3. Justification of Uses of Ionizing Radiation Regulation

    Publication | 20-11-2013

  4. Application of the Nuclear Energy Act Confidentiality Decree

    Publication | 20-11-2013

  5. Fissionable Materials and Ores Reporting Order

    Publication | 20-11-2013

  6. Nuclear Pressure Equipment Regulation

    Publication | 20-11-2013

  7. Guide on the Security of Radioactive Substances

    Publication | 22-07-2013

  8. National Report of the Kingdom of the Netherlands for the Sixth International Review Meeting of the Convention on Nuclear Safety (CNS)

    Article 5 of the CNS requires each Contracting Party to prepare for each triennial Review Meeting a National Report on the ...

    Report | 12-07-2013

  9. Report on events in Dutch nuclear facilities during 2011

    Report | 09-07-2013

  10. CNS National Report of the Netherlands

    Publication | 01-07-2013