First group of radiation experts registered

Since 30 January 2015, nearly 300 radiation experts have been officially registered. A milestone. As Radiation Protection Team Coordinator Yuri Franken, of the ANVS, states: “This registration was preceded by a preliminary process covering 20 years, no less.”

As from 1 January 2015, all coordinating and general coordinating radiation experts in the Netherlands are required to register. This involves more than just completing a form: registration requires the radiation experts to take further training. Every five years, they need to earn a specific number of points. Failure to do so excludes them from performing certain statutory tasks

Quality improvement

“The duty of registration is now anchored in law”, Mr Franken explains. “It took the predecessors to the ANVS, and the radiation experts themselves, two decades to accomplish this. It is really a quality improvement. In the past, you earned your certificate and it would be valid your entire life. Now, you must continually ensure that your know-how and expertise are up to date. Safety before all; this step once again endorses that.”

Some 500 coordinating and general coordinating radiation experts are active in the Netherlands. They monitor radiation protection in, for example, hospitals, universities and industrial companies. They provide advice on risks and safety measures.

In February, 285 radiation experts received their registration in black and white. Mr Franken expects another 100 colleagues to follow suit later this year.