2017 ENSREG Conference - Registration is OPEN

You can now register for the fourth ENSREG Conference on Nuclear Safety, which will take place in Brussels on 28 and 29 June 2017 at the Charlemagne building of the European Commission (170 Rue de la Loi / Boulevard Charlemagne).

The goal of the Conference, organized every two years, is to gather representatives from various fields (regulators, licensees, officials, NGOs…) to discuss the results achieved and the challenges which remain to be met in nuclear safety.

The 2017 ENSREG Conference, chaired by STUK Director General Petteri Tiippana, will feature four main topics:

  • Radioactive Waste Management: How far are we in our national programs and projects related to the implementation of Waste Directive requirements and in final disposal of nuclear waste? What have been the main challenges, and what are the ways ahead?
  • Licensing: Why do we need to harmonize our licensing processes? What should or could be done to harmonize different national licensing schemes?
  • Long-Term Operation of Nuclear Reactors: What are the main safety challenges faced and foreseen going beyond 40 years of operation? What does mean in practice for existing NPPs the safety objective in the Nuclear Safety Directive regarding reasonably practicable and timely safety improvements? What will or should these safety improvements be for NPPs going beyond 40 years?
  • Irregularities and Supply Chain Control: What changes are needed in the industry or in the regulatory requirements or processes to tackle the challenge? Are the industrial standards and codes fitting in with current expectations on forging products? How to benchmark with other safety critical industries’ activities such as aeronautics and space?

Please register! See also the provisional programme.