International measurements of radioisotopes in June 2020

Slightly elevated levels of artificial radioisotopes have recently been measured at different locations in Northern Europe. According to RIVM, no artificial radionuclides have been detected in the air over the Netherlands

The International Atomic Energy Agency has requested information from Member States concerning the measurements of these specific radioisotopes in recent weeks. Over 40 countries have responded to this request. The IAEA has indicated that the observed air concentrations of the particles were very low and posed no risk to human health and the environment.

Most measurement stations did not detect specific artificial radioisotopes. In these cases the detection limit was not reached. This is indicated in the measurement data by a ‘less-than’ character (‘<’), followed by the value of the detection limit.

Based on the IAEA’s technical analysis of the mix of artificial radionuclides that were reported to it, the release was likely related to a nuclear reactor, either in operation or in maintenance. Based on the data and information reported to the IAEA, no specific event or location for the dispersal of radionuclides into the atmosphere has yet been determined.

The IAEA has also published a news item on these measurements.

The ANVS, RIVM and the IAEA will continue to monitor developments.