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  1. Public participation possible for Heerema licence for decommissioning mining installations with natural radioactivity

    The Authority for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection (ANVS) has authorised Heerema B.V. to decommission mining installations ...

    News item | 01-05-2024 | 16:33

  2. ANVS and 8 inspectorates and authorities are working on a safe notification process for whistleblowers

    The Authority for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection (ANVS) will be working even more closely together with other government ...

    News item | 12-04-2024 | 12:49

  3. Companies in the beverage and paper industries use radioactive sources safely

    Inspections by the Authority in 2023 revealed that beverage and paper manufacturers work safely with sealed sources containing ...

    News item | 25-03-2024 | 12:22

  4. Permission for GE Healthcare in Leiderdorp for new radiopharmaceuticals pharmacy

    GE Healthcare, a company based in Leiderdorp on the Simon Smitweg 3A, has been given permission to open a new ...

    News item | 21-03-2024 | 09:00

  5. Annual report published: spotlight on learning and improving in 2023

    Even though the ANVS carries out the same statutory duties each year, the work is never the same. Each year has its own focus, ...

    News item | 18-03-2024 | 09:00

  6. Rates for radioactive waste: more clarity on monitoring

    More clarity has now been obtained on the monitoring of the rates charged by the national waste management company COVRA for ...

    News item | 11-03-2024 | 09:00

  7. Urenco draft licence for storage facility for radioactive waste

    The ANVS intends to give Urenco a licence for a new storage facility for radioactive waste. Everyone has until 12 April 2024 to ...

    News item | 01-03-2024 | 09:00

  8. Chiropractors and x-ray devices - a stronger focus on the safe use of this equipment.

    Monitoring by ANVS has revealed that some chiropractors who use x-ray devices and advertise this service on their websites, often ...

    News item | 22-02-2024 | 09:00

  9. Inspection visits at government services with luggage scanners scheduled for the first half of 2024

    During the first half of 2024, our inspectors will visit government services that use luggage scanners. These services include ...

    News item | 20-02-2024 | 09:00

  10. Investigation into uranium transport from URENCO to Framatome

    The French regulatory body ASN and the Authority are both conducting investigations into an anomaly that occurred with a ...

    News item | 06-02-2024 | 09:05