IAEA mission concludes peer review of Netherlands' nuclear regulatory framework

Senior international nuclear and radiation safety experts concluded a 12-day mission in November of 2014 to review the Netherlands’ regulatory framework for nuclear and radiation safety. The Integrated Regulatory Review Service (IRRS) team found that the Dutch counterparts were committed to regulating the country’s small but diverse nuclear programme and the use of radiation sources.

In its preliminary findings, the team welcomed a January 2014 decision to consolidate several regulatory authorities into a single, independent administrative authority, a move that will streamline a complex division of regulatory responsibilities among many administrations within several ministries. The team recognized this merger as a significant challenge for the country in the coming years.

“We found that Dutch regulators are committed to further improving their country’s regulation of nuclear safety and radiation protection,” said IRRS team leader Andrej Stritar, Director of the Slovenian Nuclear Safety Administration. “This commitment will be useful during the consolidation of their regulatory framework in the coming years.”

The Dutch Government had invited the review, which included interviews and discussions with regulatory staff and site visits to observe inspections. The mission team compared the Dutch regulatory framework for nuclear and radiation safety with IAEA Safety Standards.

Economic Affairs Minister Henk Kamp, who is responsible for the Dutch Nuclear Energy Act and related regulations, received the report. “In setting up the new independent administrative authority, the ANVS, we will consider many of the findings from the self-evaluation, but above all we will take on board your recommendations and suggestions,” he said (read his speech).