Registration of radiation protection experts

The registration of radiation protection experts became compulsory by law in the Netherlands on 1 January 2015. The Basic Safety Standards for Radiation Protection Regulations state that every radiation protection expert who is registered must be re-registered after five years.

The Authority for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection (ANVS) has been empowered by law to perform these initial registrations and re-registrations. The following radiation protection experts must register with the ANVS:

  • General Coordinating Specialist level (formerly level 2);
  • Coordinating Specialist level (formerly level 3).

Submission of registrations, re-registrations, and exceptional registrations


The radiation protection expert registration application form must be completed in every case. You should provide the following information:

  • personal data;
  • educational and professional qualifications;
  • type of application (registration, re-registration, exceptional registration); 
  • consent for inclusion in the register at


You should send a copy of your relevant diploma in order to register. or those seeking to re-register, the following is needed:

  • an employer’s statement, if the applicant is a regular salaried employee;
  • a list of orders, if the applicant is self-employed. These documents should demonstrate that the applicant has actually worked for the required number of hours and clude a list with a knowledge development overview. 

Here you will find the documents you need to register or re-register: the employer statement form and the orders list form.  There are also two overviews of the assessed knowledge-related activities for the knowledge development overview. The knowledge-related activities are subdivided into further training programmes and refresher training programmes and symposiums and conferences.

The assessment of the knowledge-related activities entails looking at, among other things, the percentage of radiation in the knowledge-related activities and at the number of days (or half-days) involved. If any activity is not approved, the reasons are given in the diagram.

The Dutch Society for Radiation Protection website has a document on which radiation protection experts can set down their knowledge-related activities for re-registration purposes.


The price of inclusion in the register is €534 (in 2020). After receipt of the decision, which also contains information on how to pay, the amount should be paid within 30 days.


Submit your application for registration by sending the application form and accompanying items to The ANVS will send you a confirmation of receipt within 10 days. The decision will be made within eight weeks. After your application has been assessed, you (as the applicant) will receive the decision.

Positive decision

In the event of a positive decision - that is, where your application has been approved - you will be entered in the radiation protection experts register, or your registration will be renewed, as the case may be. The register is public. You may elect for your entry not to be visible in the public register. You can state any such preference on the application form.

Deferred decision

It may be that the ANVS has insufficient information to be able to make an assessment. If this is the case, it will request additional information. The decision deadline will be suspended in this event. This means you should take account of the possibility of the deadline being extended beyond the eight-week period. If, after any such request, you do not provide any or sufficient information, the ANVS may decide not to proceed any further with your application. You have the right to object to this decision.

Negative decision

In the event of a negative decision - that is, where your application has been rejected - you will not be entered in the radiation protection experts register, or your registration will not be renewed, as the case may be. The ANVS will give the reasons for its decision for rejecting your application to be registered or re-registered. You have the right to object to this decision. If it concerns an application for re-registration, you may also submit a reasoned request for an exceptional registration.

Objections procedure

Objections may be made against decisions in accordance with the General Administrative Law Act. No later than six weeks after the date of sending of a decision, an objection may be submitted to the ANVS at The ANVS will give a ruling on the objection. An appeal against any such ruling by the ANVS may be lodged within six weeks of the date of the ruling with the Administrative Jurisdiction Division of the Council of State. It should be realized that the submission of an objection does not affect the expiry of the registration in question.

Registration of a radiation protection expert who is already recognized in the EU

Any radiation protection expert who is recognized by the EU, who is a European citizen (as meant in Section 1 of the Recognition of EU Vocational Qualifications Act), and who wishes to register in the Netherlands, should complete the registration application form, as described above. Registrations are proof that the radiation protection expert in question possesses qualifications that are equal to those required for inclusion as a radiation protection expert in the register.