Working at the ANVS

How do you safely store radioactive waste? How do you decommission a nuclear facility? And how do we provide the population and the media with the right information on radiation and nuclear safety?

These are some of the issues that we deal with on a daily basis. Lawyers, technicians, policy workers and inspectors all join forces in the continuous improvement of nuclear safety and radiation protection.

We are a young organisation with a high level of in-house expertise in various areas and we are constantly developing and moving forward. Find out more about working at the ANVS on the website ‘Working for the Netherlands’.


Do you believe our core values - Thrustworthy, Professional and Transparent - apply to you? Are you independently-minded and are you always looking to improve yourself and your work? Please check out our vacancies. When we have vacancies or internships we always post them on the website ‘Working for the Netherlands’.