Do you have a ‘Quantum Pendant’ anti-5G pendant or a ‘negative ion’ jewellery item or sleep mask? If so, store it away safely

Do you have a ‘Quantum Pendant’, a ‘negative ion’ jewellery item or sleep mask listed below? If so, you are advised to stop wearing them, to store them away safely and await instructions on how to return them. A study commissioned by the ANVS and carried out by the Netherlands’ National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) has revealed that these specific products emit ionizing radiation. The level of radiation measured is low and risk of health problems is low too. However, it cannot be completely ruled out that wearing these products continuously for an extended period may prove harmful to your health in the long term. The ANVS has informed all known vendors of these products in the Netherlands that their sale is prohibited and that they must stop trading in these products immediately.

Avoid any risk

The consumer products tested contain radioactive materials and therefore continuously emit ionizing radiation, thereby exposing the wearer. Exposure to ionizing radiation can cause adverse health effects. Due to the potential health risk they pose, these consumer products containing radioactive materials are therefore prohibited by law. Ionizing radiation can damage tissue and DNA and can cause for example a red skin. Only low levels of radiation have been measured on these specific products. However, someone who wears a product of this kind for a prolonged period ( a year 24 hours a day) could expose themselves to a level of radiation that exceeds the stringent limit for skin exposure that applies in the Netherlands. To avoid any risk the ANVS calls on owners of such items not to wear them from now on.


The ANVS is aware of ten products that have been identified as emitting ionizing radiation. Harmful effects from other similar products on the market cannot be ruled out. If you own a product that claims to have a ‘negative ion effect’, store it away safely and contact the ANVS. Please note: this warning does not apply to ionic air purifiers, as they are known not to contain radioactive materials.

Images of products with ionizing radiation

Store away safely

The ANVS advises you not to wear the products from now on and to store them away safely. Preferably you should store them in their packaging or in a bag that has been closed-off or sealed; they should then be put in closed cabinet. We also urge you to inform your partner, children or other members of your household to make sure that no one wears these products. Do not throw the products away with your household waste. Because they contain radioactive materials or waste, it is important that they be handled by a company with the expertise to deal with such substances. Buyers of these products will also be informed via the Dutch seller about how to return them. Once it is clear how the products will be collected and disposed of, we will notify you of the relevant details on our website.

Ban on these products

Dutch law prohibits the sale of these products and any attempt to do so constitutes a violation of the Nuclear Energy Act. The ANVS has therefore informed the sellers that they must stop selling these products immediately and has warned them of the possible consequences. If during a follow-up inspection the ANVS discovers that the violation has not ended or is being repeated, then further enforcement may follow under criminal or administrative law. Dutch suppliers of these products who have not yet received a letter from us should contact us via with ‘consumer products with radioactive materials’ in the subject line.

Doubts or a foreign supplier

If you have purchased a product through a foreign webshop or if the supplier is located abroad, you can of course contact us. The ANVS cannot impose a ban on foreign traders, but we intend to share any such information with the authorities able to do so. If you have any questions or if you purchased your product through a foreign webshop, please call us on 088-4890500.