Reappointment of ANVS board member Marco Brugmans

Marco Brugmans, ANVS board member and deputy chair, has been reappointed for a five-year term, until 2027, by State Secretary of Infrastructure and Water Management Vivianne Heijnen.

Enlarge image Portretfoto van Marco Brugmans met achter hem uitzicht op Den Haag.
Image: ©Rijksoverheid

Marco Brugmans was first appointed to the board of the ANVS in 2015, just over half a year after the organisation was founded. His fellow board member at the time was then Chair Jan van den Heuvel. Annemiek van Bolhuis succeeded Van den Heuvel as chair in 2020. As a board member, Brugmans is responsible for the permits issued by the ANVS, while Van Bolhuis oversees all regulatory activities.

Annemiek van Bolhuis: “Given all the current developments, such as the Cabinet’s intentions to build two new nuclear power plants in our country, I am particularly pleased that Marco Brugmans will be staying on as a board member for a second term. With his many years of experience and knowledge in the field of nuclear safety and radiation protection, we also ensure continuity, which will be all the more important as we enter this new period. And I know I speak for everyone at the ANVS when I say that we look forward to working with Marco in the years ahead.”

Marco Brugmans: “I will continue to dedicate myself wholeheartedly to the objectives, responsibilities and powers of the ANVS. Our young organisation is still growing, and with the current developments in the production of medical isotopes and nuclear energy, the ANVS licensing process has only become more exciting.”

About the ANVS

One element of the Netherlands’ nuclear safety and radiation protection system is an independent regulator: the Authority for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection (ANVS). The ANVS ensures that nuclear safety and radiation protection in the Netherlands meet the highest standards by issuing regulations, granting licences and monitoring compliance. If necessary, it can also take enforcement action. The ANVS is an independent administrative body, which means that its safety decisions are made with full autonomy.

Board appointments at the ANVS

The ANVS management board comprises a chair and a deputy chair. As of 2022, board appointments at independent administrative bodies such as the ANVS are for a period of four years. Previously, this was five years. Because Brugmans’ reappointment falls in a transitional period, his tenure will end in 2027. 
The appointment of board members at the ANVS is a responsibility of the state secretary of Infrastructure and Water Management, whose appointment policy includes an evaluation of the previous appointment period. A board member can be appointed for a maximum of two terms.